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Our Mission

Creating a space for young ladies to explore Technology.

As female graduates of Tunapanda Institute and Learning Lions, we combat the awareness and stereotyping issues through Tech Dada’s outreach into the community by partnering with organizations and institutions such as high schools.

We are increasing the number of tech-savvy girls

Girls who have been through the program indicate that it has been successful for them.  They are more confident speaking in front of a group,  more articulate in sharing their ideas,  and more interested in technology and how they can use it to solve problems such as early pregnancies and social injustices in their communities.

The Concept build.

Tech Dada is a women-led initiative by Tunapanda Institute and Learning Lions whose vision is to close the gender digital divide in the slums and rural Kenya. Barriers such as lack of awareness, stereotyping that tech is a male domain, and sexual harassment contribute to the gender digital divide. Tech Dada equips girls and young women with skills in technology, design, and business. 

Promote digital inclusion among young women.

A world where young women are confidently pursuing opportunities in technology while empowering themselves, their families and communities.


Years of







our drive

Our execution

Women empowerment

We go to different girls’ schools to mentor them about different topics in tech and the advantages of a lady or a girl in tech.

Charity and volunteering

We also do charity work like going to orphanages and support them with our donation and empowering them.

Curriculum and expertise

We Build websites, create logos,3d modeling and animation .